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Why It Is Important for Coaches To Listen To Their Clients?

Clients want encouragement during tough times especially when they are in need of your support. It has been mentioned from many coaches that "good coaching means understanding the client's situation really well" . Counselors can learn a lot about the client's problems and thoughts by paying very close attention to them. This helps them to give them the right tools they need for help such as Attentive listening which

is very important where coaches can pick up indications about what their clients really want to do with their life and assist them with finding out the main reasons for their difficulties.

Listening is not just about hearing what they are saying; it's about actively engaging with the client's about their needs. This requires that the coach must be focused, use empathy, and show that they really genuine care for them. It is a valuable skill for any coach or counselor.

The job of any coach or counselor is to remain still at all times. Allow them to express themselves freely, help guide them to explore their thoughts and to gain clarity about whatever their situation is.

In my experience there were times when I didn't listen and lost out on key elements of their situation to better understand what they were going through at the moment. When you lose key elements it will be hard for you to help them to elevate and empower them to be the person that they want to be. I was also in a counseling session with someone who was counseling me who wasn't an effective listener nor they didn't set a comfortable tone that given me an opportunity to hear what I have to say. They didn't use what would be called “wait time” before responding. The coach lets them speak, then respond afterwards . The job of a coach or counselor is to not cut a persons conversation off. Allow them to finish their sentences. Let them finish it for clarity.

In my conclusion as a coach you must be ready at all times to be supportive and loving. Coaching isn't just a job it's a life

Disclaimer: this blog is not to be used for a professional counseling session or for advice. If you are looking for professional help please see a licensed professional or mental health counselor. This blog is also not to be used for training as a professional counselor or coach it is to edify and empower them.

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