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Omar Liles is a certified as Dementia Practitioner with The National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners and a graduate of New York Divinity School with a Master of Religion. A graduate of New Skills Academy with certification in Life and Mental Health Coaching. He attended Light University with training in Mental Health Coaching. 


He is presently training with the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy for clinical chaplaincy and pastoral counseling certification and a former state chaplaincy ministry director at United Chaplain International Worldwide Outreach Inc. He is a recent Member of National Association of Christian Ministers and Shiloh Baptist Church. 


​He is the founder of a Christian Agape Love Network, LLC

Omar Liles CEO
Editor and Chief

Advisors and Supporters

Keisha Natalee Cole
Financial Coach & Advisor

Keisha, has worked with clients in building their business from scratch, as well as assisting business owners revitalize their business for success. has authored her first book as a co-author of “The Stranger Name Truth”. A journey into the lives of seven women who allowed the lies of their circumstance to hold them hostage until they realized the truth and found freedom. Keisha has experience from business consulting, to restaurant management to relationship building. As an entrepreneur, she has built her business from the ground up and is now a Regional Leader with Primerica in the state of NJ. Licensed in NJ, PA, FL and Kentucky

Latisha Bearfield-White is an Author, Mother

Wife, Book Lover and works in accounting, audit  Administration

Latisha White

A's Jos Lyn Ellington is a transformational speaker, Life Coach for Woman, Podcast host, Navy Veteran, and MBA graduate. She is passionate about helping high achieving, professional woman to fill her cupos, put themselves first, and enjoy life

Josh -Lyn Ellington
Magazine Contributor

Robert Simmons (AKA) Legend Damion Simmons Robert Simmons is a Graduate of Arts High School of Newark,NJ an actor, writer and co-host of the Extreme Truth Podcast and Appears on Agape Love Network, LLC Podcast and Ministries Guy Talk on a monthly basis. He often speaks on subjects concerning Love, relationships and life circumstances. 

Legend Simmons
Advisor and Supporter

Luquana Nelson

LuQuona Nelson is a leading Delaware-based real estate agent who exudes credibility, commitment, and determination. Her passion for real estate is evident through her warm & friendly approach as well as her excellent communication skills.

As a Realtor, her first priority is to make her clients happy, and she makes it her business to listen intently to her clients wants and needs to achieve the best outcome in every transaction as she strives to ensure that the home buying or selling process is fun, easy and stress-free.


Andrea Dialect


Andrea Dialect is a woman motivated to inspire and promote change. Working in social sector for several years, her work experiences have led to her current path as a writer a journalist, photojournalist, life coach, mentor, motivational speaker and performance artist; As a correction officer, truant officer and behavioral modification specialist.  The Andrea Dialect Experience, which exposes real life testimonies and issues many people share. She documents the lives of individuals and the community with her docu-series and her creative captures are known to evoke e the power of imagery to empower her clients and subjects.

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