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About Omar Liles


Omar Liles is a certified as Dementia Practitioner with The National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners and a graduate of New York Divinity School with a Master of Religion. A graduate of New Skills Academy with certification in Life and Mental Health Coaching. He attended Light University with training in Mental Health Coaching and certified in Mental Health First Aid with the National Council of Mental Wellbeing. American Association of Christian Counselors certificate in Mental Health Advocacy.


He is presently training with the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy for clinical chaplaincy and pastoral counseling certification and a former state chaplaincy ministry director at United Chaplain International Worldwide Outreach Inc. He is a recent Member of National Association of Christian Ministers and Shiloh Baptist Church. 


International Christian Coaching Association

American Association of Christian Counselors

National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners

International Association of Dementia Practititioners

National Council for Mental Well-Being

Omar Liles

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Dr. Kenyatta Williams, a proud native of Illinois, stands as a beacon of hope and healing in the mental health field. With over 16 years of dedicated experience in the human services field, Dr. Williams has had the privilege of working with a diverse range of individuals. Her extensive tenure in the behavioral health field has equipped her with a versatile skill set that allows her to meet each client exactly where they are. 


Dr. Williams is deeply passionate about guiding individuals toward a profound understanding of themselves and empowering them with the essential tools needed. Her expertise covers areas such as anxiety, depression, trauma, cognitive distortions, family systems, self-esteem, coping skills and faith-based counseling, among others.


What sets Dr. Kenyatta Williams apart is her ability to seamlessly integrate theology and psychology, providing a holistic therapeutic experience for individuals seeking a spiritual dimension in their healing journey. With years of training and a deep understanding of the complexities of faith and mental health, Dr. Williams guides clients in reconciling spiritual principles with the practicalities of psychological well-being.


Dr. Kenyatta Williams is a versatile professional, serving as a mental health therapist, coach, esteemed leader within the Christian Church, and a compelling speaker, seamlessly integrating expertise from these diverse roles to empower individuals on their journeys to well-being and personal growth.

Dr. Kenyatta Wiliams
Mental Health Therapist
and Coach
Podcast Co-Host

Advisors and Supporters

Keisha Natalee Cole
Financial Coach & Advisor

Keisha, has worked with clients in building their business from scratch, as well as assisting business owners revitalize their business for success. has authored her first book as a co-author of “The Stranger Name Truth”. A journey into the lives of seven women who allowed the lies of their circumstance to hold them hostage until they realized the truth and found freedom. Keisha has experience from business consulting, to restaurant management to relationship building. As an entrepreneur, she has built her business from the ground up and is now a Regional Leader with Primerica in the state of NJ. Licensed in NJ, PA, FL and Kentucky

Robert Simmons (AKA) Legend Damion Simmons Robert Simmons is a Graduate of Arts High School of Newark,NJ an actor, writer and co-host of the Extreme Truth Podcast and Appears on Agape Love Network, LLC Podcast and Ministries Guy Talk on a monthly basis. He often speaks on subjects concerning Love, relationships and life circumstances. 

Legend Simmons
Advisor and Supporter
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