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Agape Love Network is comprised of over 4.8k social media black Christian life and relationship coaches, singles and couples online. Established in 2014, Agape Love Network is a platform for people to meet and mingle with like minded Christians in the faith. 

Agape's goal is to provide a space to equip, encourage and empower its members in every aspect of their life through life coaching and ministry. Agape has impacted and influenced the lives of many Christian singles and couples throughout the years. Events, conference calls, meet and greets among other things are some of the core activities that help our community thrive.


Agape Love is a universal, unconditional love that reflects the power of God working in the hearts of men and women, with the mandate to treat others with this same type of kindness and Love.

General Membership is open to applicants, life coaches & relationship, single or married. Members can contribute $10 per month or $99 for the year (annual membership must be paid for in advance) Coaching has become an essential cornerstone of many people’s life. Getting basic life coach sessions or training at an affordable rate is something our members’ value. .<APPLY HERE>



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