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What Happens When My They Don't Accept Your Apology?

I had two people apologize to me for the wrong they have done to me within the past few days and I duly accepted with love. On the other had I reached out to make an apology to someone and it wasn't accepted. What are some of the things that you can do if your apology isn't accepted?

Before you go to ask for forgiveness from someone take it to God. Confess your faults to God.

  1. You have to face the issue at hand and acknowledge the problem that has taken place where you have hurt the other person mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

  2. Ask what we can do to make ammends?

Key Ways to Deal with a Person Who is Unforgiving.

  1. Give Them Time. The person you have wronged might need time to think what happened that got them in that situation. Give them space and time to reflect about the incident. Don't try and call them or put any kind of pressure to try and get them to change their mind to get to forgive you. This maybe a situation where you find yourself over-apologizing as a trauma response. This is where a person will go to great lengths to avoid any conflicts.

  2. Respect Their Wishes. The best thing for you to do is respect their wishes and let them be. You can't force no one to except your apology

  3. Lastly ~You already have done what you were determined what to do in asking for forgiveness. Sometimes you have to let thing's go. As long as you know where your heart is do not put any extra pressure on yourself. Relax and stay true to who you are.

Agape Love Network LLC


Board Certified Mental Health Coach

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