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I Want A Long Lasting Relationship

Why is it so hard for couples to stay together anymore? People who were married at one point stayed together for many years until death do them part. Today, it seems like once a couple gets married, it becomes short lived. This may be due to the fact that many within this generation have not seen enough examples of Godly couples. Couples are no longer together, especially in single parent homes where mothers are raising their sons and daughters by themselves. Many of the children do not have father figures. Boys in single parent homes may not have a father in the household to teach them how to be a man. When he becomes older and seeks a wife he may need guidance on how to treat her. He will depart from his house not having knowledge of what to do.

“Therefore, a man leaves his father and mother and embraces his wife. They become one flesh.” Genesis 2:24

 How will couples become more effective in staying together and lasting long, like they had once did?

I have a few suggestions for couples that may desire to want to be in or have a successful relationship. These four subjects that maybe of help are:

Mentorship, Prayer, Dialogue, Love and Respect.

1. Mentorship

One of the things that I suggest is that a couple look for a married couple that has much experience in the area of marriage to the table and can give you wisdom and understanding about every day life situations. Married couples can assist couples with advice and give them first hand knowledge on what to do in times of crisis and help them navigate through your problems. 


When it comes to choosing your mate, you will want to pray about who you are dealing with, especially your current or potential husband or wife. You would want to seek God on whether this may be the right choice for you in your life. Prayer used in a relationship will help lead and guide you to do what is right.

3. Dialogue More

What do I mean by dialogue more? To dialogue means having a two-way conversation between two people or more. Communication is key when it comes to learning about one another. In a relationship, you would want to know all about your current or potential spouse from finances, lifestyle, faith and religion. When a couple dialogues more, it will help them to make applicable decisions and reach a settlement between one another.

4. Love and Respect

Love is a feeling or an emotion that you have towards someone while respect is something that you earn. You earn respect by treating someone right. When you respect somebody, you are showing that you are accountable to them by being kind and polite to them. You can be intimate and passionate with someone but it doesn't mean that you respect them. A person who is sexually attracted to someone may not be tomorrow. The goal is to treat them with kindness and decency.

5.Show Respect and Give Respect 

I selected these four subjects for a particular reason, because in my past relationships, I may not have used all four, maybe perhaps one or two of them at various times. All four of these functions will work if you put time and effort in your relationship. 

Using these steps are practical rather than just reading about how to have a relationship, it puts you in a position on what "I must do" "should do" and "will do" with your current or potential spouse.

Having a long lasting relationship should be an achievement that every Christian person should desire in their life. You will want the best and most amazing relationship that you will want to have the kind of relationship that will reflect what God desires of us. The desire to love one another as Christ loves the church.

John 13:34

"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.

Wednesday January 29, 2020 

10:20 pm

By Omar Liles, D.Min, CDP

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