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Agape Love Network Supporters, Advocates,Coachs and Counselors

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A Created Platform  By
Omar   Liles The Mental Health Coach

Agape Love Network Supporters, Advocates,Coachs and Counselors 

 Agape Love Network Coach and Counselor Membership Network to match clients and professionals.  A support group for supporter's, advocates, coaches and counselors, clinicians and mental health professionals. Join for FREE  Agape Life, Mental Health and Counselors Group.  We created the Agape Coach and Counselors Group an entirely free membership club for mental health professionals. Join and receive these exclusive club member benefits: • Free and for sale e-books throughout the year • A subscription to our blogs for coaches, counselors, clinicians and mental health professionals • New book release alerts, and e-newsletter • Network Opportunities • Free e-booklets  Advertisement for members • Member Spotlight

You Do Not Have to Be A Licensed Professional to Join

Join Our Coach and Counselor Network


The Agape Love Network LLC founded by Omar Liles to create spaces for singles and couples that share stories about matters of life, relationships, and marriage. My podcast guests also include Life and Mental Health Coaches, Clinicians, counseling professionals and people concerning matters of life, strengthening families and relationships.
Mission: To Help people heal mentally, spiritually and emotionally.


Why Do We Call it Agape Love? It is the expression of Gods love for humanity and for us to learn how to love others, our families, marriages, including ourselves.


Omar Liles,
Board Certified Mental Health Coach

Keisha Natalee Cole
Minister and Financial Coach and Consultant

Dr Kenyatta Williams, M.A,DMin
Mental Health Therapist and Coach

Regain your confidence

Create or seek out spaces where you don't have to peform, fix, strategize, or prove. Create or seek out spaces where you can can just be- where you can breathe, dream, remember, let go.
- Dr. Thema Bryant


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