Love is Patient, Love is Kind...

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​Agape Love is the highest form of love which represents the power of God working in the heart of men and women to treat other's with kindness, patience and Love. 


Agape Love Network, LLC is a black Christian relationship social group for singles and couples coming together to fellowship, learn and build friendships in Christ. The Agape Love Network is a place for people of color to meet and mingle with like-minded Christians in the faith in an effort to show the true definition of Agape Love to help guide singles to discover purpose and become whole again through life coaching.

Agape Love Network ,LLC: Black Christian Singles was founded in March 2014 as Agape Love Black Christian Singles. Since its inception many relationships have been forged and even some marriages. Agape is a safe place for Back Christian singles to meet, learn and grow from one another without the pressures that generally come with a singles group. It has now been transformed to a group where Black Christian Singles can not only meet, but network. Agape Love Network has expanded to include couples (Agape Love Network: Black Couples) and business owners under the Agape Network platform. 

Come and meet a Community of Singles who get together for group social events and exciting virtual games and activities.

Wanda &

Terrence Smith

Michelle &

Tommy Nichols

"We met in Agape when I joined after Thanksgiving 2016..."

For the next few months, we observed each other's posts and comments and became FRIENDS (especially since Terrence was the founder of the No Chick Movement...old school Agape members know what I'm talking about LOL).



"Hello Agape family, she said YES!!!"


Agape Love Network LLC has been the best group for single Christians. The fellowship, conversation, and friendship made here are priceless. Be encourage and Stay ready. Agape love forever!!!



Upcoming Events


Due to Covid-19 we are temporarily meeting up with everyone virtually via social media

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