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Why Do I Need Spiritual and Mental Health Counseling and Coaching During The Pandemic?

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Why Do I Need Spiritual and Mental Health Counseling and Coaching During The Pandemic? During the pandemic many couples have split or have drawn closer together. Singles have experienced loneliness and had no one to confide with. Some have relied on their faith to get them throughout the week. Weeks and months have gone by without the help of other's. Schools were closed, many suffered from the loss of employment while other's contemplated suicide. Many looked for advisory relationship tips designed to serve as a guide for both singles, couples and families who wished to lead with love by having a better understanding of their loved ones, providing helpful and Christ-based advice about friendships, family life, dating, marriage and more. The pandemic season brought forth challenges that many considered a hard nut to crack, but look, you made it through. Many if not all of us, were hard-hit in various spheres of life whether financially, mentally, emotionally, or socially. For others, all these areas were affected immensely. For you to have gotten through such a difficult season despite the absence of spiritual and mental health counseling or coaching, is a miracle in itself. Being sober may have been a challenge, and now you feel like your immunity for more challenges is dwindling fast. You need counseling and coaching to help you get back on your fit and clean up the messes created. Now that things seem to be normalizing, it’s a time for fresh beginnings. The best thing you can do for yourself at this point is to seek refreshment for your mind and spirit so you have new zeal for the rebuilding of structures. Not to be pessimistic, but you need to develop defenses early enough before another storm strikes again; it’s the cycle of life on earth. There is never an adequate time to build defenses in the middle of challenges because they have already struck. Relationships were the most-affected by the pandemic. Some people broke up, and others just stopped understanding each other out of frustration from the many things that were going wrong. Singles were disoriented because they were deprived of their go-to social activities that occupied them such as hangouts. All in all, every group felt the pinch of the pandemic. By enrolling for spiritual and mental health counseling and coaching, you’ll be better equipped to handle both extremities; the good and the bad. You’ll come out of all those challenges as a pro without having to rebuild from nothing again. This is why you should enroll for counseling and coaching as soon as today! Contributor's: Writer: Omar Liles Editor: Ms.Beryl

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