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The Three E's to Manifesting Healthy Relationships

Hey there!

Are you struggling to build healthy relationships in your life? Fear not! The secret to manifesting healthy relationships lies in the three E's - Esteem Yourself, Emotionally Wounds & Ego Left Unchecked, and Energy Flows Where Your Focus Goes.

Let's dive into these three E's and discover how they can help you manifest healthy relationships!

1. Esteem Yourself - Honor Yourself First!

The most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself. It sets the tone for all your other relationships. So, take care of yourself and honor your needs. Create healthy boundaries and set standards for what brings you fulfillment and validation. As Rupi Kaur says, "There's nothing honorable about putting your needs last." So, esteem yourself, my friend!

2. Emotionally Wounds & Ego Left Unchecked - Heal Yourself First!

We all have an inner child that craves love, attention, and validation. Ignoring our inner child's needs can lead to passive-aggressive behavior and resentment toward others. So, deal with your emotional wounds and ego. Check-in with yourself often and express your true self, no matter how vulnerable it may seem. Letting go of your inner demons can help you build healthier relationships with others.

3. Energy Flows Where Your Focus Goes - Understand How You Create Your Reality (manifestation)!

Our energy is a powerful tool in manifestation. Focus your energy in a positive direction and achieve your desires. Healing is a journey that requires daily emotional, mental, and spiritual hygiene. So, detox, decompress, rest after setbacks, and use your energy to guide you toward your desires. Abraham Hicks reminds us that our energy force is crucial in manifesting our aspirations. So, be positive and manifest your desires, my friend!

In conclusion, building healthy relationships starts with building a healthy relationship with yourself. Esteem yourself, deal with your emotional wounds and ego, and focus your energy in a positive direction. With these three E's, you'll be manifesting healthy relationships in all areas of your life!

By Stephanie Ahenkora

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