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Stop Downing Yourself: You Got This

Attachment Related Anxiety has to do with individuals who get overwhelmed by their feelings or overwhelm other people about their problems, however their primary fear is abandonment. Someone walking out of their life is what their mostly afraid of.

Has your spouse walked out on you in a previous relationship? Do you feel drained? Do you feel like life is somehow disappearing from you?

This may have happened in your past but I understand that it is hard to overcome. Try not to put so much pressure on yourself. You have to understand that you must give yourself Grace and love yourself for who you are in order for you to move forward. God didn't put you here for nothing.

Do you want to experience a sweet life of luxury? If you keep downing yourself it will become an infinite loop of you telling yourself over and over again that you are nothing when you are.

Tell yourself:

I am loved

I am somebody

I am a child of the living God

Move away from the past and secure yourself for a future of hope.

Written by Omar Liles

Anxiety Related Anxiety Definition: Light University

Photo Credit by Collis

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