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Agape Love Network New Mission

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Hello everyone it's been a very long time since I done a blog. However agape Love Network has repurposed itself. As I have taken a long time off from writing I wanted to focus on my own mental health and educate people who want to learn about the mental health as it relates to families, relationships and friend's.

As time has passed I wanted to forever educate myself. Today I'm board certified as a mental health coach, certified in mental health first aid and possess various credentials.

What Do I Do?

  1. Podcast

  2. Panel Discussions

  3. Public Speaking

  4. Blogs

  5. Published Writen Works: Books Articles & Magazines

  6. Virtual Conferences and Discussions

  7. Newsletters & Magazine

Unveiling New Logo

As a Podcast

The goal is to create spaces for singles and couples that share stories about matters of life, relationships, and marriage. My guests also include Life and Mental Health coaches, clinicians, counseling professionals and people concerning matters of life, strengthening families and relationships.

Learning how to manage your emotions and deal with things that are difficult and uncomfortable in your life.


Spotify for Podcasterd


Agape Love Network - Omar Liles The Mental Health Coach

We Talk All Things Relationships, Mental Health & Faith.

Mission: Discovering how to Lead with Love learning to deal with things that are difficult and uncomfortable in relationships while you are single or married"

Vision: To give listener's a greater understanding about learning how to lead with love so that any relationship their involved with will have an impact in how they treat their spouses and the people around them with love.

Why Do We Call it Agape Love? It is the expression of Gods love for humanity and for us to learn how to love others, our families, marriages, including ourselves.

Public Speaking in Areas of:

Ministry Burnout



Mental Health Advocay

Relationships and Mental Health Support

Disclaimer: I am not a clinical licensed professional. What I say or from guest's do not reflect any organizations that I'm affiliated with or represent them.

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