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About the Founder

Omar Liles, DMin, CDP

Omar Liles is a certified Dementia Practitioner with The National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners,International Certified Montessori Dementia Professional with The International Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners and a graduate of New York Divinity School with a Master of Religion and a Doctorate in Ministry with an emphasis in Pastoral Leadership at Andersonville Theological Seminary and former member of Urban League of Essex County Young Professionals. A writer and co-editor for the Faith and Leadership Journal and an adjunct faculty and former administrator at Exodus Training and Employment Services and an Adjunct Professor at New York Divinity School.


He is presently training with the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy for clinical chaplaincy and pastoral counseling certification and a former state chaplaincy ministry director at United Chaplain International Worldwide Outreach Inc. He is a recent Member of National Association of Christian Ministers and an

(M.I.T- minister in training) at Shiloh Baptist Church.


​He is the founder of a Christian singles ministry via Facebook "Agape Love Network, Assistant Vice President of King Movement Chapter NJ and social media in coordinator from King Movement founded by Chris Broussard.


the team

Keisha Natalee Cole,

Social Media Director

I’m a minister, an author, keynote speaker, master coach, podcast host, singer, songwriter, actress and so much more. I am  committed to helping people and organizations reach their highest potential.

Speaker: Keisha, also known as K Talking Sense, is an entrepreneur who helps individuals and small business owners looking to take their business to the next level. As a master coach and podcast host, she addresses issues that explore every facet of life, bringing education and conversation to communities all over the country.

Author: Keisha has authored her first book as a co-author of “The Stranger Name Truth”. A journey into the lives of seven women who allowed the lies of their circumstance to hold them hostage until they realized the truth and found freedom. Keisha has also written several blog posts on her blog My Diary, as well as several articles for her first blog, Generation Blessed, which is no longer active. She is creator and founder of CWR, Christian Women Renewed, a magazine for women bridging the gaps between faiths.

Educator, ETC... Keisha has experience from business consulting, to restaurant management to relationship building. Her mission is to effect change by educating to impact the masses. She is currently a Regional Leader with Primerica Financial Services, where she is building an army of millennials equipped and ready to take back their lives and teach others to do the same. 


LuQuona Nelson,

Events Director

LuQuona Nelson is a leading Delaware-based real estate agent who exudes credibility, commitment and determination. Her passion for real estate is evident through her warm & friendly approach as well as her excellent communication skills. As a Realtor, her first priority is to make her clients happy, and she makes it her business to listen intently to her clients wants and needs to achieve the best outcome in every transaction as she strives to ensure that the home buying or selling process is fun, easy and stress-free. 

LuQuona understands that buying or selling a home is more than just a transaction: it’s a life-changing experience; and with her team of highly-seasoned real estate professionals, she is dedicated to providing exceptional, personalized service for all of her clients. She takes great pride in the relationships built and always works relentlessly on the client’s behalf to help them achieve their real estate goals.

LuQuona is no stranger to helping people, as a respiratory therapist, LuQuona is in a unique position to understand the direct needs of each patient she services. Her commitment and care transfers to the field when she is with her real estate clients; partnering with them to find their dream home. LuQuona is a Certified Basic Life Support instructor and trains Health Care professionals and members of the community in CPR. 


When she’s not working LuQuona enjoys traveling, running and doing high-intensity training exercises, and spending time with her two daughters. She’s passionate about having a healthy body, mind, and soul, and her hobbies all feed those three aspects of her being. 


Latisha Bearfield-White is a writer, editor, wife, a mother of 3, a minister of the Gospel, and a self-published author.


Latisha is currently pursuing her Bachelors in Ministry from New York Theological Seminary. She is a para-legal currently working as a legal secretary, a published author and an educator. Latisha is no stranger to giving back, she has participated in countless events that support Domestic Violence among others. She is a dedicated member of Smyrna Missionary baptist Church, Newark, NJ where she serves as an associate minister and as a Sunday school teacher.

She is the owner/operator of Imani Publishing LLC, Editor in Chief and Publisher of CWR Magazine (Christian Women Renewed). 

Latisha has dedicated her time to maintaining the finances and the financial resources for Agape Love Network LLC. She also spearheads making sure the Agape Love Network "Couples" have the resources they need to maintain a successful and fun marriage and/or relationship.

Latisha Bearfield-White,

Secretary & Treasurer

AI hardy Life Coach

Business Liason/Panel Director


Alfuquan Hardy, a Certified Life Coach, Educator, Speaker and Community Organizer better known as Mr. Al Hardy. Alfuquan is known for his inviting and welcoming approach to teaching and coaching. Mr. Al Hardy style is based on a 3 points of emphasis approach which is learning, love and movement. Alfuquan believes these three approaches are the keys to a better life. Which ultimately are the formula and medicine for the soul. 


Alfuquan has personally developed ways on how to help people learn themselves and the people around them better and more effectively. He uses conventional and unconventional ways for clients personal growth to bring the best out of them. Alfuquan has partnered with local and national organizations such The Future Project, My Brothers Keeper and Scotch Porter to name a few. 


Alfuquan finds his strength through his spiritual walk, emotional balance and physical practice. He uses these practices to help empower and inspire men and women in his sphere of influence. Drawing on his personal experiences as they relate to being married and divorce at a young age, starting businesses and various other obstacles Alfuquan transparency helps people transition and transform their situations. 


Alfuquan’s commitment to community activism is rooted and grounded in Urban America. It began with an idea that he came up with Chris Broussard of Fox One Sports and President of The King Movement which is known as Occupy The Schools Newark. Where professional men of color go to high schools throughout the city of Newark and talk to young men to inspire and equip them for their next phase of life. Occupy The Schools which is a monthly event has led too many other partnerships with universities, community based organizations and faith based organizations. 


Alfuquan is epitome of consistency, love and inspiration. To know Alfuquan is to find love within yourself, because his gift is to see the best in you.


Joy Mpezeni,

Featured Ministry Guest/Relationship Coach

Joy “Pink Girl Teaches” is an energetic, life-loving “girl-next- door” who loves encouraging others to fulfill their potential in Christ. She firmly believes God’s Word in Jeremiah 29:11, “I know the plans that I have for you.” She is a certified Dating & Relationship Coach who passionately helps her clients change the path that they take in search for meaning, dignity, purpose, hope and love. She is a Sexual & Narcissistic abuse advocate, author and host of the Project Real Love podcast. Her breakthrough memoir Beyond the Mask, captures readers attention as she transparently shares her journey from shame to showstopper.


She candidly talks about her road to recovery from the long term effects of childhood sexual assault. She gives insight on how codependency influenced her adult relationships choices and translates the importance of self love and boundaries. An overcomer of narcissistic abuse, she stands tall in God’s power to transform lives. She is a Co-author of “Life in The Diaspora”.


The Project Real Love Podcast, promotes a healthy image of love without compromise and aims to shatter myths about what love is and is not. It is the place, where myths are dispelled and you are equipped to find that imperfect but perfect love for you. She honestly shares the principles of God’s Word via the podium and the pen through the lens of her own life. With humor and vulnerability, Joy tells-it- like-it- is but does so with grace, integrity, and love. She authentically encourages and challenges others to: * Walk confidently in God’s purpose and plan for their life * Trust in the power of God to provide courage and freedom * Move forward in the abundant life, He offers to all.


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