Agape faq

1. What Is Agape Love Network, LLC


Agape Love Network, LLC is a black Christian relationship social group for singles and couples coming together to fellowship, learn and build friendships in Christ. The Agape Love Network is a place for people of color to meet and mingle with like-minded Christians in the faith in an effort to show the true definition of Agape Love to help guide singles to discover purpose and become whole again through life coaching.

2. Is Agape Love Network, LLC a Christian Organization? Yes 

3. Is a agape love network a church?


Agape love network is not a church but has partnership's with various nonprofit organizations and ministries. 

4. Is agape love network for singles only? No


 Agape love network is for singles and couples

5. How does a person join agape love network?


See membership

6. Where is agape love Network located? Newark, New Jersey

Mailing Address



53 Burnet Street, Newark, NJ 



Events: Location


83 James Street

Newark,NJ 07102

7. Is Agape love network a dating service? No

We are not a dating service but to bring Christian, couples and singles together for edification in the body of Christ.  Leading with Love: Learning to deal with things that are difficult and uncomfortable in relationships with people we love.

8. What are the benefits with membership?

Member Benefits include

Network Membership

Face to Face Meet-Ups
Speaking Opportunities
Discounts On Merchandise and Event's.

9. Is agape love network a registered business? Yes

Le are registered in the state of new jersey as a Limited liability company.

10. Can I use the agape logo to do my business? No

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11. Does agape love network have a statement of faith? Yes

see tab:agape standards for more information.

12. How do I delete my account permanently? 

To delete or request an account