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Life, Mental Health & Biblical Counseling, Relationship Coaching

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Agape Love Network helps people who want to reach their goals. Agape Love Network Coaching & Biblical Counseling  is a Christian based and provides simple and confidential conversations.


Simple Coaching Sessions: 


Donation: $50 or more 

15 Minute Free Consultation

Cashapp: $omarliles 


Refund: Client may obtain a refund if they are not satisfied after second session


What Do The Coaching Sessions Look Like? 


Coaching Sessions: Simple Coaching


What Do I DO?:




* 1&1 Sessions: Total: 3 – 12 Sessions

* Outline

* Recorded Sessions

* PowerPoint Coaching Sessions

* Conversation- Consist of Goals

Coaching within Agape Love Network as life and mental health coaches we do not diagnose, prescribe medication, utilize the DSM model or provide treatment.

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